Welcome to RVdog.com

Hello, my name is Woody

I live in New York City and I am supposed to be on an RV tour of the country. Why am I not you ask? Well, I will tell you. My master was all ready to go and we were about to purchase the RV and guess what happens?…He gets bitten on the leg by a Brown Recluse Spider while he was in Kansas. Do you know what a Brown Recluse Spider can do to you? Well if you don't take a look here. http://www.cgim.com/brs/ (warning very graphic pictures).

While my master was convalescing and ridding his mother's house of spiders, I was taken care of by Nelly…she is digital woman on the Internet…Go check her out here - http://www.digitalwoman.com. She is very pretty and I have a crush on her. She took such good care of me for the six months that he was away, that when my master returned I wasn't sure who my real master was.

Well obviously we had to postpone our tour and we had some really cool dog sponsors lined up too and I couldn't wait to test all of the samples…We are (really He is) re-planning the tour and I am excited to get started. I am not sure when we will start but I am sure soon.

I will keep you posted and see you online.